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2018 Festival Lineup

Entrance to Sababa and our concert lineup is free of charge.

12pm: Will Soll and the Youngers of Zion

Will Soll (voice, mandolin, guitar, tenor banjo) is among St. Louis’ most passionate and prolific advocates of Yiddish music. He will be playing Sababa with his band, the Youngers of Zion, and is excited to be part of this new festival within our community.

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1:30pm: Nefesh Mountain

Nefesh Mountain is the place where Bluegrass and Old-Time music meet with Jewish heritage and tradition. Their most recent album was featured in Rolling Stone and Billboard. Nefesh Mountain is excited to be back in St. Louis playing Sababa!

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3pm: The Maccabeats

The Maccabeats have entertained and inspired hundreds of audiences worldwide, from Alabama to (New) Zealand and everywhere in between. Originally formed in 2007 as Yeshiva University’s student vocal group, the Maccabeats have emerged as both Jewish music and a-cappella phenomena,  with a large fanbase, more than 20 million views on YouTube, numerous TV appearances, and proven success with four albums.

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4:30pm: Zusha

Zusha are a Jewish-American folk-rock trio combining traditional Hasidic nigunim song styles with folk, soul, rock, and even reggae.

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