musical performances

Our 2024 Performers

Gili Yalo
Gili Yalo is one of the most intriguing musicians in the music scene in Israel. Gili combines Ethiopian roots with Soul, Funk, Psychedelic and Jazz music. Gili Yalo incorporates sounds from traditional Ethiopian music into a contemporary music production. The result is an exceptional, rich, vivid melody accompanied by Gili’s unique voice with lyrics in both English and Amharic.

Joe Buchanan
Texas-born and southern raised, Joe Buchanan makes country music that is steeped in Torah and the trials of the human spirit. A blend of Southern soul and country charm, his music is grounded in the belief that there is always more room at the table.

Charlie Kramer, Lucy Greenbaum & Greta Rosenstock
Charlie, Lucy, and Greta are all local artists and/or song leaders for St. Louis Jewish Organizations. Their combined performance will be a “one day only” exclusive show for Sababa 2024. Lucy and Greta encourage Jewish families attending Sunday School to join the festivities after class.

Klezundheit! is the only klezmer big band in Missouri. Founded by bandleader Bob Herman in 1998, the band has been featured on Classic 99s from the Garden Live! series and at concerts and festivals in Paraguay and Brazil. You can also hear Klezundheit! at Simchat Torah celebrations and venues around town. Klezmer has never sounded so exuberant than in the hands of a big band.

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